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[NOTICE]Soft launch announcement

GM Alice
2021.03.02 Tuesday 17:36


Hello, everyone! SMASH LEGENDS is here!

Finally, SMASH LEGENDS is having Soft Launch on March 2nd, 2021!

Please check below for more details!



 - March 2nd, 2021 10:00 (UTC)

 Service Country

 - UK, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland 

 * Service will be provided in certain regions only at this moment to provide stable and secure service. 

   Service country will be expanded gradually.

✅ Download

 - AOS Google Play Store [Link] 

 - iOS App Store [Link]

 * PC version is going to be opened later on.

 Minimum / Recommended device specification

- AOS : Samsung Galaxy S5 / Samsung Galaxy S7 or later version

- iOS : iPhone 6S / iPhone 6s or later version with Ram 2GB or more

✔ Minimum device specification is the least specification for running the game. 

   To have better game play experience, please use recommended devices.

 We highly recommend you to connect your SNS account to the game to protect your game data.

 It may be difficult to help you with any issues you encounter when playing with a guest account.


Exciting game modes with fantastic characters!

Experience ‘the palm sweaty action’ in SMASH LEGENDS!

Thank you.



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