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[NOTICE]SMASH LEGENDS Pre-registration !

GM Alice
2021.03.16 Tuesday 11:12




SMASH LEGENDS, a thrilling action game you enjoy together with global Smashers!

Pre-registration for SMASH LEGENDS has begun!

Special gift and SNS event you get to find in Pre-registration only!

Smashers who have been with us from the very beginning can also participate. 

Please pre-register and get the special gift!

[Heading over to pre-registration page]


# Pre-register and get the gift! 

1) Please enter your email address on the Pre-registration page, 

    and click the “Pre-register” button after you check the Terms of Agreement!


2) Once you complete pre-registration, you can get a Peter skin after the global launch!


3) Are you a google play store user? Pre-register in Google Play and get the key doubler as well!


# Pre-registration SNS event 

If the SMASH LEGENDS announcement channel gets more than 10,000 followers, 

a bronze box will be provided to all Smashers!

If there is anybody who has not joined Facebook or Discord channel yet, 

please join us by clicking the below links.


➡ Direct link for [Facebook]

 Direct link for [Discord]


Thank you.



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