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September 28th (Tue) Update Notes

GM Cindy
2021.09.27 Monday 19:00


Hey there, it is SMASH LEGENDS!


The following changes will be in place after the Sept 28th (Tue) update.

Please find detailed information below.


⚡️ NEW Update ⚡️

🌊 Addition of a New Legend

- New Legend, Octavia, is joining SMASH LEGENDS.


🌊 Introduction of Octavia:  Octavia is a supporter who strengthens her team, increasing allies' survivability. 

      She can help allies with powerful heals. 

      A kind Sea Witch and a member of the Sage Council. 

      Although she played the role of a villain in her stories, she is actually a kind witch who is very sympathetic and sweet. 

🌊 Octavia

1) Bubble Canon (Basic Attack)

    : Swing the staff twice to attack the foes in front, then steps back while firing 2 water bombs to deal damage. 

      Swings the staff down to deal damage when used as Aerial Skill.   


2) Wave Crescendo (Skill)

    : Slam the staff into the ground to summon waves.
      The summoned waves grow bigger over time, and disappears after dealing damage.
      The water will quickly protect Octavia and explode to deal damage when used as Aerial Skill.   

3) Healing Aria (Ultimate)

    : Throws a massive bubble. The bubble explodes upon hitting the ground to deal damage.
       It also creates a healing area which lasts for 4 seconds and heals allies in the area for a certain amount of HP.   


🌊 Octavia Abilities (Based on Level 1)

1) Reinforced Beaker   

    : Increases Basic Attack damage by 30% when both Ultimate and Skill are not available.   

2) Allegro

    : Increases base Movement Speed by 6%, and decreases Skill cooldown by 0.1s
      whenever a Ground Attack hits an opposing Legend.   

3) Adagio   

    : Adds the ability to heal 5% HP for allies upon using Aerial Skills.   

4) Regeneration  

    : Self-heals 1% HP per 1 s, after staying out of combat for 5 s.   

5) Sea Witch (Rare Ability)

    : Adds the ability to damage opposing Legends inside the Ultimate area by 190 per s.

🌊 How to Obtain Octavia   

- Once you purchase the SMASH Pass Season 7, you can obtain the Legend, Octavia, as the paid 15th reward.

- Once the SMASH Pass Season 7 ends, Octavia can be obtained from Gold Box or higher grade.

- Once the SMASH Pass Season 7 ends, Octavia can be obtained from Special Box or Super Special Box in the Shop.


Addition of a New Event

- Legend Mission Event will begin after the update.

  [Mission period: after the update on Sept 28th, until Oct 22nd 06:59(UTC+0), 2021]

  [Item exchanges are available from Sept 28th until Oct 25th 06:59 (UTC+0).]

  : Clear the assigned mission to obtain Legend Coins that can be exchanged for rewards of your choice!

  : Please refer to the event notice for more information.


※ Notes

* After Oct 22nd (Fri) 07:00 (UTC+0), you will no longer be able to acquire Legend coins. Only exchanges will be available.

* The date and details are subject to change due to internal circumstances.

■ Beginning of SMASH Pass Season 7

- SMASH Pass [Season 7: Oceanic Aria] begins.

 : When you enter the SMASH Pass screen for the first time, the new season notification page will be displayed.

 : Upon clicking the SMASH Toon button in the SMASH Pass window, it will lead you to this season's Pass Toon page.

 : You can get various items such as skins, profile icons, and fashion items by completing SMASH Pass missions.

 : New Legend, Octavia, can be unlocked when you purchase the SMASH Pass and reach the 15th stage in the paid pass track.



- Once you purchase this season's SMASH Pass, you will get the following benefits. 

 : Octavia is available when you reach the 15th stage.

 : During the SMASH Pass Season 7, the key limit is increased from 200 to 300.

 : During the SMASH Pass Season 7, the quest limit is increased from 6 to 9.


Addition of Dream Shop Items

- At the Dream Shop, two Legends, Cindy and Witch Queen, are added.

  : Sept 28th - Oct 5th (UTC+0) - Cindy is available to purchase with 3,200 Dream Pieces.

  : Oct 5th - Oct 12th (UTC+0) - Witch Queen is available to purchase with 13,600 Dream Pieces.


※ Notes

* If you already own these Legends, they will not be displayed.

* Above date and details are subject to change due to internal circumstances.

- Kaiser skin and Alice skin have been added to the Dream Shop.

  : Sept 28th - Oct 5th (UTC+0) - Enhanced Body (Kaiser) skin is available to purchase with 1,200 Dream Pieces.

  : Oct 5th - Oct 12th (UTC+0) - Queen of Black and White (Alice) skin is available to purchase with 1,200 Dream Pieces.

※ Notes

* Please be informed that the above skins are available to purchase even if you don't own the respective Legends.

* Above date and details are subject to change due to internal circumstances.

- Peter Emoji Box and Red Emoji Box have been added to the Dream Shop.

  : Sept 28th - Oct 5th (UTC+0) - Peter Emoji Box is available to purchase with 400 Dream Pieces.

  : Oct 5th - Oct 12th (UTC+0) - Red Emoji Box is available to purchase with 400 Dream Pieces.

※ Notes

* Above date and details are subject to change due to internal circumstances.


 ■ Addition of New Packages

- After the update, new packages will appear at the shop depending on the period.

 : Basic Package, Rank Up Package 

 : Deluxe Package, Double Deluxe Package   

 : Doubler Package, Puzzle Piece Package, Box Package   

 : Sailor Hook Package   

* Sailor Hook Skin and Super Special Box x1 are available to purchase with 240 gems. Additionally, you can get Super Special Box x 2.

* If you don't have the Legend, Hook, the package will not appear.

■ About Equipped Skin

 - When you equip a skin, you may check the respective skin description that is located on the left of the screen.

   : Find out the fascinating story behind each Legend's skin.


Connect Account Reward

- Keep your account safe by connecting it, and get the reward.

   : In the shop, the Pirate Successor Peter Skin will be available to claim.

   : If you already own the skin from the pre-registration reward, you will get 120 gems. 


※ Notes

* When you click [Connect Account] button with account that is not connected, it will direct you to the account setting screen.

* When you tap the [Get Reward] button after connecting the account, the reward will be acquired immediately. (The reward will not be sent to the mailbox.)   

* The reward for connecting account will only be available to claim one time per account.


Adjustments and Improvements

■ Seasonal Medal System

- Fifth Seasonal Medal Reset will begin.

- Based on the number of medals for each Legend, the reset amount and rewards will vary.

 : Medals owned by a Legend [500 - 1,000], reset will proceed as below.

  ㄴ(the number of medals owned / 2) + 250

  (e.g. Peter with 600 medals will rest to 550 medals ((600/2)+250)

: If medals owned by a Legend are more than 1,000, the medal will reset to 750 medals.

 (e.g. Witch Queen with 1,001 medals will reset to 750 medals)

: Upon medal reset, you will get Dream Pieces based on your number of reset medals.

 (e.g. Peter with 600 medals will reset to 550 and receive Dream Piece x 50)

 (e.g. Witch Queen with 1,001 medals will reset to 750 and receive Dream Piece x 251)

- If you are entitled to the medal reset, a profile icon will be provided as a season reward.

 (For those who have already obtained the profile icon from the previous season reset, you will not receive a new one.)


- For those who reached the TOP 500 worldwide, a special profile frame will be rewarded.

- The 6th Season will begin.

 : Each Legend's medal will be reset between 500 and 750.

- Additional Information

 : After medal reset, Legend Roads and Medal Roads will display your current number of reset medals.

 : The highest medal record you reached previously will be displayed in Legend Roads and Medal Roads.

 : The current medals in Medal Roads are the total number of each Legend's reset medals.

 : Medal Road rewards or Legend Road rewards that have already been received cannot be reclaimed.

 : Even if the medal league is lowered after the seasonal medal reset, the league box will still remain as the previous season.

■ Legend Balance Improvement

[Changes in all Legends]

- After the update, Legends will not be able to change direction during get-up attacks.

- Some of the Legends' Ground Attacks allow targeted foes to run away as the stun did not last long enough. 

   Therefore we have slightly increased the following Legends' stun skill.

   : Ground Attacks' stun duration has been increased for Ducky form, Ravi, and Wolfgang.

- We have slightly readjusted the attack direction to better target the foes when attacking from the air out of the map. 

   When you attack without moving, the attack direction will be toward the foe. 

   While moving, the attack will be toward your designated moving direction.

   : Legends we have removed the auto-correction of attack direction.

   └Don Quixote(Aerial Skill)

   └Flare(Aerial Attack)

   └Snow(Aerial Skill)

   └Swan form(Aerial Attack)

   └Wolfgang(Aerial Attack and Skill)

   : Legends we have added the auto-correction of attack direction.

   └Ducky form(Aerial Skill)

   └Hook(Aerial Skill)

- Master Cat

[!] A brief comment about the balance

    : Cats are indeed interesting animals. 

     Even when they are up high, they can easily leap down to the ground. Master Cat should do the same.

[Basic Status]

: Delay after landing (before initiating attacks) is slightly decreased.

- Rapunzel

[!] A brief comment about the balance

    : When Rapunzel uses Ultimate up in the air, projectiles float in the air and fly away, 

      which makes using Ultimate in the air inefficient. 

      Also, it is not easy to figure out the status of the projectiles. As a result, we have adjusted the Ultimate to be more useful.


: Projectiles will now move around the nearest ground.

- Red

[!] A brief comment about the balance

    : Since her number of attacks has been reduced, and there have been comments about Red's movement being awkward. 

      Therefore, we have adjusted Red's animations to match her movement, which would slightly reduce her movement range.

[Ground Attack]

: Her movement range during the attack is reduced.

- Robin

[!] A brief comment about the balance

    : All Legends' get-up attack specs are fairly balanced. 

     We have made Robin's get-up attacks to be similar to other Legends accordingly.

[Get-Up Attack]

: The amount of damage is slightly reduced. (Based on level 1: 400 → 350)

: Knockback direction has been corrected. 

■ Arena

- Magnet Bomb has been improved.

   : Increased stun duration of targeted foes, allowing the Magnet Bomb to be used more strategically.

- Changed the way oven's heat damages Legends in Battle Royale.

   : The longer the Legend is exposed to the oven's heat, the higher the heat damage will be.

   : When the Legend is in invincible status, the Legend will not get any damage.

   : If the Legend is not damaged by oven heat for a certain period or is out of the oven heat area, the increase rate in heat damage will reset.

■ Quality of Life Improvement

- After the update, all Event Arenas will be available to play.

- Removed the type name displayed in front of the name of fashion item effects.

  Previous: Final Blow- Mirror Breaker 

  After change: Mirror Breaker   

- The sorting order of the quest list in SMASH Pass has been improved.

   ① Quests that you can clear

   ② Attendance Quest

   ③ Mode Quest

   ④ Legend Quest

- The maximum number of friends you can add has been increased.

  Previous: 99

  After change: 1,000

- Loading speed when you enter the matches has been improved.


⚡️ Bug Fixes ⚡️

■ Others

- Fixed an issue where the color of the arena description texts appears different in AOS compared to iOS and Steam.

- Fixed an issue where the image of the event page appears broken on PC.

- Fixed an issue where unacquired frames in the profile icon preview screen appear bright as if they have been acquired.

- Fixed an issue where the battle log screen does not close when you tap the background 

   after you view another player's profile pop-up and use the back button to go back to the battle log screen.

- Fixed an issue where a number “1” next to the [New Arena] button does not disappear even after opening all available arenas.

- Fixed the incorrect animation that appeared when acquiring Puzzle Piece from the Super Special Box.

- Improved an issue where the lobby screen intermittently appears black, and Legends or texts are not displayed properly.


The update content is subject to change due to unexpected issues.


Thank you.



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